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6. April 2014 / suriyaakudo

WordPress Android App

Yesterday I installed the Android app from WordPress. And this is the best blog app that I ever tried!  ;-) B-)

28. März 2014 / suriyaakudo

Can’t Hold Us (Soundwave)

My self created video:

(Source: YouTube)

1. Februar 2014 / suriyaakudo

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

30. Dezember 2013 / suriyaakudo

Redfoo: Let’s Get Ridiculous (SONG)



6. Oktober 2013 / aahashderuffy

“One Piece: All English Dubb Openings (2011) High Quality.”

2. Oktober 2013 / suriyaakudo

Is Bitcoin The New Euro?


BitCoin is for me the web euro. ;-)

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf TechCrunch:

Originally dubbed ‘the single currency,’ the euro has been around for a decade and was in the works for another decade before it entered circulation in 2002. At the time, it was something revolutionary, a bold initiative that could have failed multiple times along the way.

Yet, it hasn’t become the universal currency and the European Central Bank is now testing the boundaries of the euro. Bitcoin could be the surprising and beautifully designed world cryptocurrency that will take the euro’s dreams to the next level. We will discuss this at Disrupt Europe later this month.

Bitcoin Is The True Single Currency

There are a few reasons why the euro will always stay limited in scope. As one can read in 1992′s Maastricht Treaty (the Treaty on the European Union), the euro is “a single and stable currency,” nothing fancier than that. In other words, its creation mechanisms are similar…

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2. Oktober 2013 / suriyaakudo

Apple on iMessage woes: Message received, we’re working on it


Who is using this app?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Gigaom:

Apple(s aapl) is aware of iMessage issues affecting iOS 7 users, telling the Wall Street Journal that only “a fraction of a percent” of iMessage users are affected. Customers on message boards have been reporting the problem with some saying the issue began after iOS 7.0.2. Regardless of when it started or what software version introduced the problem, Apple is working on a fix.

The problem, if you haven’t seen it, is that iMessages are sometimes not sent although they initially appear to be. Later a warning message indicates the iMessage didn’t go through and users are asked to resend it. Reported workarounds for now include disabling iMessage, resetting the network settings on the iOS device and then re-enabling the app. A more brute force method of restarting the mobile device reportedly also works.

With two software updates to iOS 7 just two weeks after launch — and…

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2. Oktober 2013 / suriyaakudo

Listia, A Used Goods Marketplace, Raises $9M To Attack Mobile


Listia App!

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf TechCrunch:

Listia, the marketplace for used and free goods, has closed a $9 million Series A led by General Catalyst, with partner Neil Sequeira joining the startup’s board. As mobile growth takes off for the startup, the team will be using that financing to build out their iPhone and Android apps. It’s also looking to expand internationally, although that won’t happen until 2014 at the earliest.

The round brings the YC graduate to $11.17 million in funding, after it last raised a $1.75 venture round in 2011.

About one-third of buying and 20% of listing activity currently takes place on mobile, Listia co-founder and CEO Gee Chuang said. Although their iPhone app launched a solid two years ago with the Android version following in early 2012, mobile use is up 100% in the last three months.

“When we launched [the apps] they were these companion utilities,” Chuang said. “Our users…

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2. Oktober 2013 / suriyaakudo

EyeQuant gets funding to expand eye-tracking simulation tech to mobile and retail



Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Gigaom:

EyeQuant, a Berlin firm that helps companies such as Google(s goog), Spotify and Barnes & Noble(s bks) figure out where their users are most likely to look, has raised $650,000 in funding. It intends to use the cash to branch out from webpage and email analysis to the mobile space and beyond.

EyeQuant is an intriguing outfit, using neuroscience as a marketing aid. Similarly to 3M(s mmm)’s Visual Attention Service, Feng-Gui and AttentionWizard, EyeQuant tells clients which parts of a webpage or ad are most likely to draw the user’s gaze. It does so in an automated fashion, which is only 90 percent as accurate as performing eye-tracking with live subjects, but much quicker and cheaper.

Here, for example, is EyeQuant’s take on GigaOM’s front page:

EyeQuant Gigaom page analysis

However, CEO and co-founder Fabian Stelzer suggested to me that EyeQuant has a significant technical advantage over those rivals:

“In terms…

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2. Oktober 2013 / suriyaakudo

When data meets agriculture: Monsanto to buy Climate Corp. for $930M


Perfect answer!

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Gigaom:

Monsanto, (s mon) the giant agricultural company, says it will acquire data analytics firm the Climate Corp. in a cash deal valued at $930 million. This deal is an obvious extension of data analytics into the world of big agriculture, but it’s also a perfect example of how the combo of data and the internet of things is going to disrupt established industries in a way that traditional computing never could.

Climate Corp offered targeted insurance policies to farmers that incorporated all sorts of data about historical and current agriculture and weather. Among the data the system knows are the shape of every single of the 20 million crop lands in the United States, what is grown on each every year, what the crop yields were, and the water-holding capacity of the soil. Each predictive simulation analyzes 5 trillion data points.

Climate Corporation's policies are based on some incredible data science. Climate Corporation’s policies are based on some incredible data…

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