What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a open-source blog-software to publish and administrate posts, images, audios and status. :-)

It’ mostly compitable to built a blog, like a online diary. A another method is to built a news page or a fan page. :-\

It’s a behalf to add categories or/and tags to the blog. :-D
Also many users can blog together everywhere and anytime.
On PC or mobile devices, like tablet or smartphones, with the Browser or the app. :-)

20% of the Internet since 2006 are using the WordPress software. =-O

WordPress is mostly popular for it’s CMS-System!!! B-)

That’s all for today. We hope you learnt a bit. :-!

Your Blogger,
Suriyaa Kudo O:-)


Hello World!

Hi everyone! :-)

In this blog post I will tell you why we changed our blog name and why we redesigned the blog.

The name
Well our old blog name was quite a big problem to spell. So we decide to renamed it. Now it called that “BlogIt!”.

What was the reason?
Why we delete the old 113 blog posts:
The first reason: We post not often. :-X

The second reason: Nobody visit our blog since last year more. :-(

The third reason: We post only copyrighted stuffs like music and videos.

The fourth one: The old name was sooooo… long.

Please apologize
So we are so sorry for that what we done but you can be now happy:
We have now enough time to blog and have enough time for WordPress. ;-)

Walking into future…
What we are doing in the future:
Write about the Internet and Computers mostly about iSC Group projects and WordPress.

Write about other topics like Sience, Politics, Education, and more, more!!! B-)

Have fun! O:-)

Your Blogger
Suriyaa Kudo