iSC Pedia

iSC Pedia is an free online-encyclopedia which was founded by me.

I started my first project in german which called iSC Pedia 1.0. This is only an printed version of all iSC Pedia versions. Later is created iSC Pedia 2.0 which is the first real online-encyclopedia on the web. The problem is that I hosted it in Google Sites and Google’s Software was not an wiki software and this projects have mostly empty sites. So I moved to Wikia, the biggest wiki hoster in the internet. The first iSC Pedia 3.0 was created on 23/10/2012 in German. Yesterday I celebrated the 2nd birthday of it in the Netherlands. 🙂
In the future I will host iSC Pedia 4.0 myself because Wikia is an commercial company and iSC Pedia is non-commercial. 😦

Suriyaa Kudo



MyWiki is a wiki based on the iSC Inc. specific MediaWiki software.

What it is?
This site was created and founded by me and collects all important extensions, all skins and others for testing and development and will been published soon on the wiki farm directory of iSC Inc..

For who?
It’s specially for (wiki) developers!

Visit it and learn who MediaWiki is working.
Link: wiki.suriyaa.isc

Suriyaa Kudo


What’s MediaWiki?
MediaWiki is a open-source software to administrate texts, and files in a wiki-system.

For who?
MediaWiki is for online communities, companies or organisations who work on a or more projects.

Only registed users can change the content of the wiki over the browser.

You will need a server, like Apache HTTD, a MySQL database, PHP language script and if possible also cURL.

MediaWiki was founded on the idea of the online-encyclopedia Wikipedia. Now Wikipedia is powered by MediaWiki.

MediaWiki is unccder GPL-License and is free for download under

Your Blogger,
Suriyaa Kudo


What’s Joomla!
Joomla! is a popular open-source Content-Management-System, short: CMS. You would need it if you have no programming knowlege to create a website or a blog.

Joomla! is popular for it’s big software, easy installation, usage and a big collection of extensions.

Who use it?
Many schools and people use it for their homepage, blog or website.

Joomla! is the 2nd mostly used software after WordPress.


What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a open-source blog-software to publish and administrate posts, images, audios and status. 🙂

It’ mostly compitable to built a blog, like a online diary. A another method is to built a news page or a fan page. :-\

It’s a behalf to add categories or/and tags to the blog. 😀
Also many users can blog together everywhere and anytime.
On PC or mobile devices, like tablet or smartphones, with the Browser or the app. 🙂

20% of the Internet since 2006 are using the WordPress software. =-O

WordPress is mostly popular for it’s CMS-System!!! B-)

That’s all for today. We hope you learnt a bit. :-!

Your Blogger,
Suriyaa Kudo O:-)


Hello World!

Hi everyone! 🙂

In this blog post I will tell you why we changed our blog name and why we redesigned the blog.

The name
Well our old blog name was quite a big problem to spell. So we decide to renamed it. Now it called that “BlogIt!”.

What was the reason?
Why we delete the old 113 blog posts:
The first reason: We post not often. :-X

The second reason: Nobody visit our blog since last year more. 😦

The third reason: We post only copyrighted stuffs like music and videos.

The fourth one: The old name was sooooo… long.

Please apologize
So we are so sorry for that what we done but you can be now happy:
We have now enough time to blog and have enough time for WordPress. 😉

Walking into future…
What we are doing in the future:
Write about the Internet and Computers mostly about iSC Group projects and WordPress.

Write about other topics like Sience, Politics, Education, and more, more!!! B-)

Have fun! O:-)

Your Blogger
Suriyaa Kudo